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The purpose of life is not just to be ‘Happy’
But also how you can ‘Step Forward’ to Reach out and Help.
Act of kindness is one of the Best Gift a human could do, lets you be one of the reason of someone smile’s today. ~
Live Life with a Purpose

Sonia Kaur Public Relation of Cinderella Indonesia Foundation

Menurut aku, boneka Batik Girl itu misinya sangat menginspirasi banget.
Bonekanya cantik dan unik. Uniknya karena bonekanya itu dibuat oleh para napi wanita di rutan. Specialnya lagi, boneka itu disebarkan untuk anak-anak kanker dan penyakit berat lainnya khususnya untuk anak-anak dan boneka batik girl juga pemersatu antar bangsa. Terutama negara Indonesia dengan Australia

Phani Pasien Kanker Ovarium Stadium 4

I am proud to be a part of Batik Girl, and to be able to bring peace and healing to the prisoners in Batam and Bali and hopefully Batik Girl can spread all over the world so that we can bring peace and healing and transform peoples life.

Nina Wolther CEO Nina W INT, Feng Shui Expert, Social Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Blogger

What an exciting and beautiful program!
Empowerment of women worldwide is a huge and necessary endeavor. With the blessings from God and the dedicated work of so many women, there is no question that this endeavor will be a major success!

Sue Kohl Psychologist

We have been collaborate with Cinderella from Indonesia for 3 years.
This project is growing and contributing more and more through the time.
I never doubt this dedication, commitment, and sincerity can affect the surrounding community.

Rohan Hafas Senior Vice President PT Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk

Batik girl is a great project of humanity empowerment especially for young ladies who got imprisoned caused by drugs dealing, by teaching them on how to create beautiful fashions for “Cinderella” is a great activity to ease them from feeling bored inside the prison and encourage to make money from their creations sold, I wish Ms. Lusia Kiroyan best wishes for the project.

Dominicus Joko Witono President of Indonesia-Australia Community Darwin Inc

This program inspires and empowers women to be free from lifestyles that prevent them from becoming healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally in the 21th century

Brenda Henry Executive Director Latter Rain Outreach, Inc. Kalamazoo, Michigan

I believe the batik girl initiative has been growing exponentially ever since its germination. I am glad I am witness to its growth, especially in the Australia – Indonesia context.

Stephen Tedja AIYA VIC - Chapter President

I am so proud to meet Lusi to learn more about her very important project.
Thank to her for the beautiful Indonesian doll that I will share with my grand daughter. Continue your most important work of giving women a second chance at a good life.

Susan Larner Retired, Dietitian/Diabetes Educator, Bronson Hospital

It is wonderful to meet Lusia when she travels to Australia and hear about the enriching programs run for the women in prisons.
It is inspiring to support an organisation and women who are giving people hope and a new life to others

Anne Bellavance WFWPI Vice-President (Oceania), WFWP Australia President, UN ECOSOC/DPI/NGO General Consultative Status

Such a sincere women empowerment program. It gives women in prison skills while at the same time strengthening their spirits. Truly meaningful, impactful, and inspiring.

Shantica Warman Editor-in Chief Herworld Indonesia

Batik Girl is an innovative initiative that delivers a range of benefits to women and girls. It teaches life skills and livelihood skills to women in prison in Bali.
They learn to make batik dresses for dolls, which are given to young girls in hospitals suffering from cancer. The project raises money from corporate donors who ‘sponsor’ the dolls being given to the young girls. Families benefit, communities benefit, and above all, young girls with cancer benefit as their spirits rise with the generosity shown by strangers

Peter Bracegirdle Innovation and Quality Adviser Australia Awards in Indonesia
Batik Girl is an example of how a personal initiative turns into a program and a movement. What’s unique about Batik Girl is it is not just empowering and enlightening but also creating joy and love among people who are touched by the program
Luthfi Hasan Designer & Founder of Jakarta Vintage
In a time, where telecommunications technology has advanced, the most important thing women in prisons need is to be given HOPE and TRUST that they can still contribute to society.
Through continued nurturing and empowerment, such as through Cinderella Batik Girl programs, Lusia is molding a new line of leaders.
Andre Omar Siregar Former Consul Darwin NT & Mentor of Causindy
I think Batik Girl is a doll of life. It’s not only provide skills and ideas but also hope and new life to the women prison inmates in the Riau Islands but also to all other inmates everywhere in the world.

Creating these beautiful dolls help them to overcome despair having to go through long prison sentences more meaningfully.

Noor Lizah Nurdin The Lady of Governor of Riau Islands & Advicer of Batik Girl
Batik Girl is a wonderful way for various organisations seeking to collaborate to help rehabilitate woman in prisons. Its provides a way to foster community between those outside and those on the inside and raise awareness that each person is a human being and deserves a second chance. It enables them to have a purpose and be creative.Energy can be spent making something beautiful that brings joy and hope to thos who receive these wonderful dolls. Supporting this program brings hope!
I am inspired by Lusia and all the work she does. Together we can change the lives of women one doll at a time
Christie Buckingham Senior Minister of Bayside Church

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