Launching Happy Food

The newest program of our foundation is “Happy Food.” The purpose of “Happy Food” is to provide good and healthy food for the orphanages and street children & family in Batam Island.
Here is how this program work:
1. Help the local farmers buying their veggies and fruits, for they have been experiencing difficulty to sell their product due to Covid-19 lock down.
2. To distribute that veggies and fruits to the orphanages and street children. These healthy food will boost up their immune system.
How can you participate to the program? As you know that I have published my book the “Cinderella Indonesia” recently. It cost only $15 each. You can get an access to my book through Here.
I come to the decision to donate all of the sales money to our non-profit foundation for our new program “Happy Food”. So, you can buy this book for yourself or you can donate the book to others. Another thing that you can do, to share our mission to others through your network system. Ask them to participate by buying this book. It is my prayer that through all of your participation and contribution, we will be able to help many in great need.
Thanks so very much.

Best regards,
Lusia Kiroyan
Chairperson of “Cinderella Indonesia Foundation”