Hi, This is Our Projects// Cinderella From Indonesia Center


10.000 Batik Girl for ASEAN

We hope we can spreading the love by presenting 10.000 for 10.000 children with cancer in ASEAN region. Besides, we can empower more women inmates through Batik Girl crafting.

Women Inmates Empowerment

80% of the women inmates (20-40 years old) are imprisoned for the use of drugs. This fact has motivated Cinderella from Indonesia Center (CFIC), a learning center and 'transit home' dedicated to empower those in need, including orphans, single parents, disabled persons and convicts, to empower women inmates by producing Batik Girl. We believe we can help inamtes become 'social entrepreneurs', or sociopreneurs.
Every year, more than 1000 units of Batik Girl were produced by women inmates to be given to children with cancer in Indonesia. This program began in 1 prison and has since expanded to 2 other prisons. These dolls represent symbolic messages of HOPE, LOVE, COURAGE, INSPIRATION, and FRIENDSHIP

Save Street Children Program

There are a lot of children become a street singer and beggar because of many reasons. But, they do not deserve it. They deserve a better life with the better education, and better playing environment.

Cup Cake Love

Designed to give the soft skills to woman inmates in prison like to make snacks, such as biscuits and cookies with an expectation that they would be financially independent after serving their time.

Entrepreneurship for Single Mothers

A wife sometimes suddenly becomes a single mother. Either because divorced or their husband passed away. This results in a loss of a woman's income. So, we provide training to single mothers in purpose to make them a strong single mom and find their own source of income. Because strong is a new pretty.

Children with Disabilities Empowerment

Every human in this world deserves the same right. despite of their disabilities, especially the children. We teach them to create a doll named Little Lucy which has a chubby, curly, haired, naughty, and cheerful characteristic.

Children with Cancer Care

We are giving the children with cancer a batik girl doll.
One doll for one child.
One Friend One Doll.
we hope they can feel the love from their surrounding. So, they do not feel lonely in their everyday battle.

Batik Girl The Gen Z

This is our latest project, Batik Girl The Gen Z is utilizing the technology and art therapy to produce social impact. The Gen Z of "BATIK GIRL supported by Intel Young Innovators. The Gen Z of "BATIK GIRL" will be shown at The Indonesian Satay Festival 2018 at 12 May 2018 , 11 am - 5 pm in Box Hill Town Hall,Victoria,Australia. Come, Visit and Try The Gen Z of "BATIK GIRL" in Australia.